The Cow

One of the things I love most about the festival is the carnival atmosphere and general weirdness that infects the city. Last year I randomly saw some guy wandering down the street with a fish head – and the strangest part was that he wasn’t getting that much attention.

While I didn’t see anyone with any kind of animal head this year, aquatic or otherwise, the giant upside down cow at George Square – complete with udders – never fails to amuse. We didn’t see anyone at the venue this year, but had many a pint in the pasture.

Regular visitors might notice I’ve changed the layout of the site a bit. I like jQuery, which is what used to make the image slide up/down, and it helped make the image very prominent, but I hope doing it this way instead means people will see that there’s some words to go with the picture, and that there’s comments too; I watched someone using the website the other day, told them to click the details button to read what I’d said, and they said ‘what details button?’. That pretty much convinced me that maybe a change would help.

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