Marina by night

So this was the view from our balcony in Singapore – it was quite the view – and you can see the Marina Bay Sands taking part in the 2012 Singapore Festival of Light. Apparently all the hotels have a turn, and it was theirs while we were there.

Unfortunately the view of the marina is somewhat obscured by the hotel in the foreground of the shot – the Mandarin Oriental, which is where we were fortunate enough to stay back in 2006 on our honeymoon. This photo of the Chinese New Year fireworks was taken from the balcony of our room at the Mandarin Oriental in 2006, and the fireworks were being launched from exactly where the Marina Bay Sands hotel now stands. We couldn’t quite stretch to the obscene cost of staying at the Mandarin Oriental this time round (particularly given our honeymoon was a wedding present!), but I think we had a pretty good view anyway.

I’m a bit of a grand prix fan, and it was quite strange seeing the city, and the Singapore Flier (pictures to come…) at night for the first time since they’ve been hosting grands prix; I just felt like there ought to be Formula 1 cars shooting round the streets, but sadly we were about 9 months too early. Also, I’m pretty sure Singapore gets very, very expensive that weekend. We did get to wander round some of the (surprisingly narrow) purpose built track near the Flier, which was quite cool – I’ve never been to a grand prix, and would very much like to.

Edit: these night time pictures look fine on my Mac at home, but too dark on my PC at work. Is anyone else seeing this problem? My Mac’s monitor is calibrated, whereas work is not, so maybe that’s why, but interested to hear whether anyone else thinks these don’t look right.

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