Beach girl

A picture from 2004 that I came across this evening while digging out photos for a portfolio for a new website.

This is from our first trip to the far east in the early part of 2004. Penang’s a cool place and it was where we got hooked on travelling to that part of the world. 2004 was the same year as the tsunami, of course, though it didn’t happen until the Boxing Day of the year we were there, so it was before all of that. There’s some fairly terrifying footage on YouTube from pretty much where Becky is standing in this shot.

We’ve been lucky enough to go back to that part of the world almost every year since, and despite horrors I can only imagine, the Thais and Malaysians we’ve met treat it with good humour (on beach bars, for example, we saw messages painted saying “2 years without tsunami!”). It’s strange, but it makes you smile.

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